nevertheless, nonetheless, even so, however, still, notwithstanding, despite that, in spite of that, for all that, all the same, just the same, at the same time, be that as it may. adv. The upper dress of this personage resembled that of his companion in shape, being a long monastic mantle; "She'd ne'er go away, I know, if Adam 'ud be fond on her an' marry her. Antonyms for but. An' he might be willin' to marry her if he know'd she's fond on him. but. It can be used as words, conjunctions, prepositions, names and envelopes. They need to recruit more people into the prison service. 1 further, however, moreover, nevertheless, on the contrary, on the other hand, still, yet. Gobseck, Werdet, and Gigonnet swallowed the profits. When the two brothers found out that they were among the winners of the fan contest and thus, were to meet the members of Metallica, they went bananas. '